Lisa Jean

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Lisa Jean

Lisa has an outstanding playing background having played on the Ladies European Tour for 6 years from 2004-2010. Lisa went through the AIS Golf program and is the first female to successfully qualify for the Victorian PGA championship, playing off the men's tees.

A message from Lisa...

Golf is a game for all ages and levels. My teaching philosophy is based on the person as everyone is unique. I believe there isn’t one way to swing a golf club. I work with the person’s natural tendencies and abilities. Golf is a great game and I like seeing my students improve and enjoy their golf. 

As I have had a lot of injuries I always ask about people’s physical limitations and always strive to help them work around their incapability’s.

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30 mins:
$ 75
60 mins:
$ 140
Jr 30 mins:
$ 60
Jr 60 mins:
$ 120