Clint Rice

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Clint Rice

Clint joined the PGA of Australia in 2003 and has since travelled the world coaching and playing tours including seven seasons on the PGA Tour of Canada, PGA Tour of Australasia and OneAsia Tour.

Throughout Clint’s professional career he has coached many players from first time beginners through to professional player incorporating his knowledge in Ground Mechanics to ensure his students get optimal accuracy and distance. He has built a lot of his knowledge through working one on one with some of the world’s best coaches including Sean Foley, Scott Hamilton, Denis McDade and James Sieckmann.

Clint specilaises in:

  • Pressure mapping - Ground mechanics
  • Overspeed training - Increasing club head speed
  • Practice management plans - Optimising player development
  • Junior Golf
  • Capto Putting - Putting data analysis

With specific testing, planning and implementing new improvement habits, Clint’s passion is seeing golfer’s enjoy their golf through playing better and lowering their scores.


  • TPI Body Swing Connection
  • SAM Putting
  • Capto Putting
  • Boditrak Ground Mechanics